Il tuo carrello

Friday Preliminary Rounds and Saturday Morning Semifinals

The competition will be held in two modern rooms at the Luigi Einaudi University Campus, which are normally dedicated to graduation ceremonies.

The courtrooms are equipped with tables and chairs for the parties and the Commission Agent, a table with microphones for judges, as well as seats for the audience (maximum 70 pax).

Two smaller rooms located next to the courtrooms will be made available to teams that need to prepare themselves for the hearings.

Courtroom A: Blue Graduation Room (Sala lauree blu)

Courtroom B: Red Graduation Room (Sala lauree rossa)

In order to easily find the courtrooms, we suggest you to access the Campus from the main gate, located at address previously indicated (Lungo Dora Siena 1oo, 10153 Torino). You may easily recognise the access by looking for the big statue of a bull (“Il Toro” in Italian). While looking at the statue from the gate, the two Courtrooms are in the building on the left.

Saturday Afternoon Final

The Final will take place in the main Aula Magna of the University, located in the historical Cavallerizza Reale (the Royal Cavalry).